Massage Therapy For Stress Back Pain #1 | Massage Tips And Info

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Опубликовано: 10 дек 2018
This video is only intended for healthy purposes only so hope you enjoy it
relax back body and reduce muscle pain, back pain and relax and comfortable.
There are many different methods of health care that are currenly being applied, including massage therapies. This is a traditional massage method, applied over generations and bring many benefits to human health.
Massage therapy
Masage therapy is an extension of the structure of instinctual contact movements of a combination of singular or coordinated movements. It has the effect of treating musclar joint disorders or treating emotional disorders to increase their self-esteem and reduce stress caused by stress.
Effects of Massage therapy
- Helps metabolism in the body.
- Increased red ce production.
- Stimulates blood vessels and lymphs.
- Dilation of blood vessels.
- Incresed blood circulation.
- Removes harmful substances in the body such as : lactic acid, fatty acids
- Increased activit of the kidney.
- Improved conversion of phosphorus, sulfate.
- Improves skin whitening, soft smooth.
- Strengthen the mobility of the joints.
- Increases flexibility, strenthens tissues.
- Cure of scars.
- Slow down the proces of muscle wasting due to old are or disease.
- Removing or blocking some cancer cells.
- Supports deposits in joints.
- Helps ease of mind, eliminates anxiety.
- Treatment, reduce muscle tension, muscle contraction.
- Helps generate energy, cheerfl spirit, work effectively.
Full body massage brings joy and many benefits to you. When your muscles are stressed, stressed, injured or overworked, your body may be tired and slow, and massage can help you to lessen this nuisance.
Benefits of body massage
Massage therapies have a powerful effect on muscles, tendons, skin, ligaments and psyche, you will be amazed at the physical and psychological benefits that massage gives you.
Massage is like an analgesic when your muscles are stretched, joints after over-training or sports injuries, improper posture.
Massage therapists say massage can increase blood circulation, circulation in the body by supporting oxygen and nutrients in tissues and organs, helping to remove toxins easily and control. Control your blood pressure more effectively.
The spirit is relaxed, helping the body to be healthier.
Appropriate massage can reduce stress levels in most people, it helps to manage and relieve anxiety, depression, sleep better and less fatigue.
A proper massage technique can support the bones, improving the condition of the muscles are strained.
Regular massage can help boost the body's immune system.
With long blood and stress, can interfere with the digestive system so many people, massage also helps your digestive system better.
Body massage helps to remove dead skin cells, improve skin tone, provide moisture to the skin, promote tissue regeneration, reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks.
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