Satellite Locator with GPS locations from the phone

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Опубликовано: 25 авг 2016
This video demonstrates how you can use Satellite Locator with GPS locations from the phone and find a satellite (Hot Bird 13.0 East).
Finding a TV satellite, in azimuth, can be pretty difficult. With this app you do not need a compass, just two (2) GPS locations, from the satellite dish and from a target, is enough. Finding the satellite depends on how accurate the GPS locations are and how accurate and steady you can aim the phone to the target.
The quality of the phone's GPS location is influenced by buildings, trees, houses, high walls,etc. Thus a clear view to the sky around you is important for good quality GPS locations.
How does it work ? In 3 steps or screens:
1- Select the desired TV satellite
2- The GPS location of the satellite dish and the GPS location of a target (or reference point) is needed. The target can be the GPS location of a house, tree, plant, etc. Select a target and go to the target to find its GPS location. Do the same for the satellite dish.
3- Set the dish elevation and skew to the calculated values. The satellite pole must be upright. With the GPS locations set, hold the phone steady above the satellite dish and aim the central arrow named 'target' at the target. Then aim/align the satellite arm to the arrow named 'satellite'. It all depends on the accuracy of the phone's GPS and how steady your hands are. KEEP THE PHONE AIMED STEADY AT THE TARGET.
AGAIN: Your phone can provide GPS locations that are totally wrong. When you use the GPS of the phone make try to be in the 'OPEN FIELD' which means there should be no trees, houses, buildings, walls, metal objects. Verify the phone's GPS location on Google Earth !!!
When your phone crashes: stop running app's like: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Badoo, etc. Free up memory by removing apps you do not use. Delete photo's and music.