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Опубликовано: 1 мар 2020
Who doesn't love some cute purses ??
Links for things I'm wearing/using in the video:
Paypal (aka tip jar!) :
Main insta: oceanna.fayantbarz
ASMR insta: oceans.asmr
Discount Codes- not affiliate codes, they are just to help you guys :)
Oceanwaveboutique: OCEANSASMR for 30% off your order
Shineshrineglitter: OCEANSASMR for 20% off your order
Clean-couture bath boxes: OCEANBATH for $5 off your order
Fabfitfun: OCEAN10 for $10 off your subscription box
Teddy Blake Designer Handbags: TBOcean20 for $20 off your order
Focallure: Ocean for 15% off your order
Uber eats: “eats-oceannaf4ue” for $7 off your first order