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Опубликовано: 20 дек 2019
Khaidi has a very special car that takes him to many places. Drooomm... he drives wherever he wants to go. Come, join him on a drive around the world.
My Car
By Phidi Pulu
Hi! I am Khaidi.
I am seven years old
and I have a car.
It is a lovely and long car.
Papa made it for my birthday.
I love my car
and I love to drive it all day long.
here I go...
there I go…
I go everywhere.
I visit my relatives driving my car,
and in school,
my friends want my car.
I love my grandma,
and she loves to see me drive.
With my car I can go around
and around my house.
With my car I can go around the earth.
I can go around the sun,
the moon and the stars.
My little brother loves riding my car.
My mother tells us not to do so,
but do we care?
Oh no!…
Now, here I am without my car
and… my brother without his tooth!
But we still go vrooomm…
with my brother on my back!
Story: Phidi Pulu
Illustrations: M. Kathiravan
Music: Rajesh Gilbert
Narration: Azul Kothari
Animation: BookBox